We are With You

We are With You

A word of condolence from the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists



A word of condolence from the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists


Dear friends in the USA:


The world has a certain kind of stereotype regarding the USA: violent Hollywood, etc. “They reap what they sow”, people say. But this is no time for pointing fingers. And we know that mothers in the Arab world are also weeping because of the loss of their children. We are reminded of Rachel the Jew weeping for her murdered children in Rama (Matt. 2:18). Not just America is weeping.


But we want to weep with you – we too are very sad and troubled. We cannot understand why this needed to happen to these children and adults. We pray for the restoration of their families. May the parents and other caring people be lifted from their sorrow through faith in God. We are with you. These children belong to all of us. May we join forces with all persons of goodwill and form together a mighty force for the upbuilding of our societies and our world!


We greet you and desire to comfort you with the eternal promise of Isaiah 51:11:  When we are redeemed, all “sorrow and mourning shall pass away”.


With greetings of love to you during this Christmas season,



Rev. Vitaly Vlasenko,


Department Director for External Church Relations


RUECB, Moscow


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